Figure Duchess 2.0 Update


Soooo remember when I promised to put out new content?

Well, I really planned to, but then my arm was like “NOPE, how about carpal tunnel syndrome instead?”

So I’m sitting here, with some kind of witchcraft herbal compresses around my right arm (I got those from my best friend; she’s a nurse so I trust here on that), hoping I’ll be able to use both of my arms again soon.

In the meantime, I reorganized the categories! That mostly involved clicking so I could do that with my left hand (Clicking and typing with only your left hand sucks, though).

Reviews are now in the Review category only, but you’ll get a brand new drop-down menu to chose between Review, Mini and Showcase Duchess. If you don’t care about that, just click on Reviews as always to get every one of those categories displayed.

Figures didn’t change, other than the Reviews not being included in that category anymore.

Crafty is the new Crafty Duchess category. Everything from Tutorials, DIYs, Mods and the like will from now on go in here.

Anime&Manga is still the same. It’s a small section to begin with so everything from Reviews to loots of non-figure related things go here.

Updates is the new Random. Blog updates, life updates, all of that can be found in this category.

About is about. No changes. I haven’t been on that one for ages. I might have to update the text there. Or not. We’ll see.

That’s it. Imo it’s much more clearly arranged now.

I ended up typing with both hands and I’m slowly starting to regret that decision. Half pain, half numb in one arm is kind of a strange feeling….

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4 Responses to Figure Duchess 2.0 Update

  1. Suppie says:

    Sorry to hear about your arm D: hope you feel better soon!
    I’m really excited for all these new sub topics and how it’s being organised. I’m really excited for crafty, always good to learn DIY tips etc ^^

  2. Korcas says:

    All those excuses… I can’t even… D:

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