Crafty Duchess: Lancer Base Reinforcement

Ooooh look who we have here!

It’s our all-time favourite mess of a figure: MegaHouse Lancer :D

He’s already the star guest in my Leaning Tutorial and the Broken Pegs Tutorial. Now here comes a little something that hopefully will prevent him from leaning ever again: Base Reinforcement.

I’ve got a little project coming up – I’ll keep it a secret for now – but this lead me to check on my leaners again and see how they were doing. Right now, Lancer is doing surprisingly well but what I realised was that he’s really wobbly on that base. Look at that:


The plastic for the base is way too thin for the large diameter, so if you put weight (namely Lancer) in the center, the base will bend. There is little to no support coming from a base like that. He’s free to wobble in all directions, which makes him an easy target for leaning. But fear not, this is a super easy fix!


Using the polystyrene pellets I usually use for my Risers, I created a transparent, sturdy disc with the same diameter and height of Lancer’s base. That’s what I did, it doesn’t have to be super fancy, though. Every hard material that can be brought to such a shape will work just fine. Maybe some leftover (acrylic) glass, some wood, another figure base that’s currently not in use. Even a stack of old CDs/DVDs should do the trick just fine.

And that’s the end result. Nearly invisible, isn’t it?

No wobbling and bending anymore. This should give him enough support to never lean again *fingers crossed*. If this alone doesn’t help, the next step will be a little bit extreme… :|

Needless to say, this can be done with any kind of weak base, I just thought that this would be especially helpful for Lancer owners. Even if he doesn’t lean yet, you might want to do this as a preventive measure.

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2 Responses to Crafty Duchess: Lancer Base Reinforcement

  1. Suppie says:

    Thanks for the tip Figure duchess! :D I don’t have the space to put him out for display but I shall remember this base tip, anything to prevent him from leaning =_=’

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