Crafty Duchess: A Kotatsu Is The Best Thing About Winter


2 years ago, I bought my FFF – favourite furniture forever – and it’s about time I showed you guys :D

What you’ll need is space. I’ve got a rather large living room and a small couch, so that’s not a problem. Also, this nifty thing is made so you can store it away with taking up minimum space. Over the summer I’ll just put the box into my storage room, the blankets go under the couch. But now that winter is coming (huehuehue) it’s time to open this lovely package up again!

I bought the table from jlist. They still have it in stock; mine even got past customs which made me incredibly happy. It doesn’t come cheap but I just needed this in my life. I’m pretty much like a reptile. I freeze easily and I need a lot of heat to be able to move around. For a short time. Then I’m just lying around, gathering all the heat I can so I can go on with my life. I hate the cold. I hate winter… q_q

The table measures 75 x 75 cm and is about 40 cm in height. You’ll get the frame with the heating unit, table top, cable, legs, screws and an instruction manual. The latter is written in Japanese but with lots and lots of pictures so it’s easy to understand:

Super straight-forward to assemble. Put the legs in the frame and secure with the screws. The instruction manual also provides a list of do’s and don’t’s.

Apparently, small kids in overalls are not allowed to dance on the table D:

There are 2 types of blankets for the kotatsu which I bought from ebay. The thin blanket serves as the base for the table. They come in different styles and colours. Mine are a dark brown on one side and a lighter brown on the other side. I chose the dark brown side.

The second blanket is thinner in the middle where the table top is placed on the frame. The top is also reversible with 2 types of colors: anthracite and light grey (I use the table top as a base for all of my figure reviews btw :’D).

Et voilá, the kotatsu is ready. Or is it?

This little fella here is really important for us non-japanese people. The cable provided has a japanese plug which isn’t of any use for people living outside of Japan. Even more important is the fact that the voltage the table needs is a different one from what comes out of my walls so a converter is a must-have to get this thing going.

The amount of heat generated by the heating unit can be adjusted by means of a rotary switch on the unit itself.

NOW the table is ready. Isn’t it beautiful? <3

You might have already noticed the furballs in some of those pictures. Indeed, it’s not only reptile-me who loves this thing, my cats love it, too! It’s like a warm and soft playground for them. A cave and blankets to sleep in/on and they also love to play towerkotatsu defense :D

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