A Happy, Merry Christmas with Gecco Guts!

Because what says “Merry Christmas!” more than a black swordsman standing in the entrails of his enemies :D

So let me show you the best christmas present a woman can wish for (at least women like me…?). I’ve got Gecco’s 1/6 scale Guts :D And let me tell you right away, I worship this figure. This is simply the best looking Guts out there. Yes, it is. I would not trade this figure against any Art of War figure NOR the Max Factory Guts. NEVER. EVER. Let me show you why:

First thing to notice when unboxing Guts is this little card sticking to the lid. Nice little extra. The back has all the info about the maker, figure and the character written on it.

The inlay of the box also serves as the instruction manual. Assembly is pretty straight forward. Guts is already firmly attached to the base right out of the box. The only thing left to do is attaching the cape and the blade. Choose between one of the 2 heads, done.

(Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for ladies getting pregnant spontaneously while looking at these photos. Just sayin’…)

Mmmmm yiss… The product photos already looked great but the end product…? Simply stunning. I cannot get over how perfect the head sculpt is. This is 100% Guts, 100% Miura.

I get why this is a woopin’ 35k figure but hot damn, is it worth it. SO. WORTH. IT.

Even the shape of the ears is spot-on.

The texture of the cape is breath-takingly gorgeous! EVERY texture of this figure is amazing. It’s not just the paintjob. You can FEEL the different sculpting techniques. The cape is different from the pants, the pants different from the armor and so on. The level of detail blows my mind.

I’m already at a loss for words. Paintjob = Perfect. Sculpt = Godlike.

Seriously, can’t find any paint mistakes. I like how everything looks a bit worn-out and battered and dirty.

The overall paintjob is super matt, which makes glossy parts stand out so well. This can be seen in the eyes, the wounds, the sword and especially the base.

This bag is made of super soft material so you can actually open and close it without the fear of damaging anything. And inside, there’s this little fella :) Look at how happy Puck is :) Right next to him is a teenytiny behelit but I couldn’t get this one in the picture.

Holy fucknuggets, this sword xD That’s the glossy paint I was talking about. This thing is SO dirty and grimy and shiny, it looks like Guts slashed through something – or someone – just a second ago. Which is amazingly accurate when looking at the base:

‘Cause it’s probably this dude spread all over the blade.. Don’t believe me?

How about now? Hahahaha sweet baby jesus, would you look at that… Disgusting xD

(I’m having so much fun right now)

If I really HAD to criticize something it would be that the sword and the indentation in the cape to guide the sword do not fit perfectly with my figure. And….that’s it. (Excuse the yellow Lego Volvo in the background. That’s my bf’s christmas present >_>)

Skin-texture. I can’t remember ever seeing realistic-looking skin-texture on a figure. Click on the photo right above to see the original size and pay close attention to his eye. Great paintjob on the pupil there.

And if you happen to want to got the extra-mile of madness. Have his SECOND face! Having him stare right at you is freakin’ scary…

Yeah, that’s better.

I’ve made a few comparison shots for the 2 heads (damn, paint transfer on the collarbone :<)

Apparently, Gecco wasn’t satisfied with only changing the expression. The sculpt of the wounds also slightly changes. Not only does the right head have a few more cuts, the cuts that were already present on the left head are more severe on the right, which can be best seen on the picture in the middle (Cut on his throat). Obviously, the mark comes in bleeding and non-bleeding.

Btw, did I mention he was a 1/6 scale?! HE’S HUGE!!!!! The almost-39cm-tall kind of HUGE!!!

He barely fits into a detolf… Baaarely… by which I mean, if he was 2mm taller, you’d have a problem displaying him in a showcase….

1mm more and it would touch the glass :’D

God, I love this figure so much. Please, Gecco, do more of this. No, please don’t, my wallet’s going to bleed like the dudes on the base. No, wait, please continue. I… I don’t know anymore.. just…just go on with this. Skull Knight or Zodd next. Yes. Yes, do that. Please.

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