Creator x Creator Rough Edges Zoro Bust

I’m back! Let’s just say 2016 hasn’t started off as my lucky year exactly and leave it at that. Let’s talk about loot!

And this one is a fine item indeed! This is the 3rd prize figure in my collection and I’m ever astonished of how well some of these are made. I’m not a huge fan of busts either but it was impossible for me to pass on this gem. Made by Banpresto, this Creator x Creator Rough Edges Zoro Bust stands about 16cm tall, purchased from Manda for a mere 1200yen.

The only thing I could criticize is the lower back of the bust. It’s pretty much where the prize figure quality shows. While the sculpt of the figure itself is very rough (Rough Edges, duh…), I’m not fond of the perfectly smooth surface beneath Zoro’s shoulder blades. The darker grey makes this part stand out like a sore thumb.

Speaking of grey, there is a special color variant of this bust but I stuck to the regular version as green looked kinda odd to me. Also, if you’re a fan of Shanks or Law, those two got the bust-treatment as well. Shanks was released in November 2015 – 1 month before Zoro – and Law will be available sometime this year.

What else is there to say… well it’s a really well-made, shirtless, bara buffed-up Zoro bust. What’s not to like? I’m pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves. And while I admit that the base looks really thin and unstable, he doesn’t wobble at all, plus, he looks great at every angle!

And that’s pretty much it for the first tiny loot post of 2016! (It’s already March, get your shit together, Duchess…)

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