Mini Duchess: Final Fantasy Rubber Straps Vol. 2

Time for another Mini Duchess!

A new strap once in a while is something I really enjoy. It’s one of the rare occasions where strangers can actually see what hobby I’m into. I’ve got a One Piece Zoro wallet, I’ve got phone straps on my smartphone and a bunch of anime keyrings and that’s probably all they’ll ever see of my obsession outside of my home. I’m really not the person who wears cat ears in public or shouts out random japanese words to creep the hell out of people.

Which shouldn’t be confused with embarassment. I love my hobby and am more than willing to talk to people about it if they show interest. And that’s the key word – showing interest. I won’t shove my hobby into people’s faces. I refuse to be obnoxious about it like – let’s say – the younger generations (More like weebs…. I’m talking about weebs…). That’s probably one of the only things I approach in some kind of adult way and I’ve had nothing but positive reactions so far so I’ll keep it that way.

Anyways, let’s talk straps!

This is the Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Strap Vol. 2 Set made by Square Enix, which comes in a teeny-tiny box (hand for scale) with 6 teeny-tiny boxes in it. This is probably the re-re-re-release of that set; got it from amiami.

I’m really happy that they re-released this so often. Individual prices for straps can be insane – especially for the more popular characters. I’ll be honest: I only bought this for Reno – and then decided to keep Zidane, too. I’m also happy that I’m not a full-fledged strap collector. I get the feeling that this is a part of the hobby that’s even more cruel than scales. So many exclusives, so many insane prices. Kudo’s to the strap collectors who have to put up with that q_q

So here they are. Zidane, Vincent, Tifa, Reno, Ace and Cait Sith.

As I already mentioned, I’ll only keep Reno and Zidane. Vincent I sold 10min after uploading the sale on FB (who would have thought), and I managed to sell Ace as well (I honestly have no idea who you are, Ace, I’m sorry). So Tifa and Cait Sith are left, which I find odd. I thought Tifa’s fanbase was quite huge and Cait’s strap looks utterly adorable… So if you live in the EU and would like one of those two – contact me ;)

Final Fantasy 9 was the first FF I’ve ever played and it holds a special place in my heart. Needless to say Zidane will decorate my keychain (why is there no Vivi?!).

The characters are about 6cm in height, made out of rubber and feel really durable.

The straps of this set are made of elastic band. Whether or not those will wear-out faster than normal strings is something that time will tell. I’m using Reno as a phone strap for roughly 2 months now and neither the strap nor Reno himself show any signs of fatigue.

So he and the king of kings are protecting my phone now :) Weird kombi.. I know…

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