Kotobukiya Kusuriuri has finally arrived!

I’ve been waiting for 2 months and finally, finally it has paid off!

First impression of this wonderful figure <3 Kusuriuri, or medicine seller, from Ayakashi and/or Mononoke (no, not Princess Mononoke)!

Kotobukiya seriously blew my mind when they introduced the prototype at Wonfes. I would have never expected Kusuriuri to get a figure – god forbid! – a scale figure! And look at how stunning he turned out!

This is everything he comes with. An instruction sheet of how to put him together, the figure attached to the window base, the window disc, a loose sandal and a pipe.

The figure itself cannot be removed from the base, but in all honesty, why would you. I’ve never seen nor owned a figure that’s so perfect and complete on it’s own without additional setup or decoration <3

Assembly is easy enough. Pipe in his hands, sandal put on the ground. Pushing the disc into the window wasn’t such a great feeling. The window frame itself feels kind of fragile but it’s all good once you’ve aligned the smoke with the pipe and pushed everything nicely into place.

I am so happy that I could still get him at a good price. I wasn’t able to preorder Kusuriuri because I knew I wouldn’t have the money at Japanese release. So I ordered him at a German figure shop – Figuya – for 114€. I hardly ever use German shops because of the insane pricing and the release delay of 2 months, but this time this came quite in handy.

Despite the above mentioned problems I’ve got with German figure shops in general, Figuya is my fav to order from. Super nice and fast support, fast and safe shipping. From release, payment to arrival the whole process only took 2 days. German efficiency at it’s best xD

Some owners complained about sloppy paint job, especially on the lines of his kimono. I was lucky in that regard. I had little yellow paint transfer at the back of the base – which could be easily removed – and I only cleaned up the lines around his right sleeve a little just so he would be the most perfect thing ever :3

I really like how his expression can be changed depending on the angle at which you look at him. The colors are gorgeous, the sculpt is godlike, the whole thing is also really huge for a 1/8 scale, which is probably due to the big diorama around the figure itself.

Details are great. Wrinkles everywhere, wood texture on the sandals, sculpt and paint job of his sword/dagger thingy is spot on! I can’t think of anything that could have been done better.

I wouldn’t touch the disc on his chest too much, though. It feels like it would come off easily :| Nice little detail to notice is his necklace. I only noticed that one after having a closer look.

Detail shot. Enjoy.

This, on the other hand, is actually something that bothers me. That’s the inside of the window frame at the side where kusuriuri is sitting. It does look like the peg where he’s attached to the base but mine looks… really broken? It doesn’t budge and the figure itself sits securely on the base so that’s that. Does anyone else have this strange thing on their figure?

And another thing I love: If you happen to have background lighting somewhere at your place. Use it! The light shining through the window is amazing <3 I myself put my Ikea Synas lighting box to good use for this.


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2 Responses to Kotobukiya Kusuriuri has finally arrived!

  1. paul says:

    i love this figure and considering buying it just because it looks fantastic. I have no idea of the anime it comes from but dont care either :)
    Thanks for the great review and photos

    • You should, it’s a stunning figure! But you should definitely check out the show as well. Just start with Ayakashi episodes 9-11 and see if you dig the style. It’s really unique and I’m so happy they followed up with the stand-alone Mononoke series :)

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