The Sword And The Creed – Katanako arrives

A new month – a new arrival!

The moment Katanako was released I began to struggle with myself. I absolutely loved the design, the colors. It’s Miwa Shirou after all and Miwa Shirou is love. And as I was struggling her price skyrocketed to around 24k. Oh boy.

That’s when an FB-friend of mine put her up for sale for 180€ incl. shipping aaaaand that’s where I finally caved in. So here she is:

The reason I was struggling so hard is that this kind of figure is totally against my figure buying creed, which means that I’ve got certain rules set for myself. The first and most important one would be: Don’t buy a figure of a character you don’t know.

I know a lot of figure collectors buy what they find pretty and I am not judging at all. I just found out that it doesn’t work for me. I bought a few figures in the past solely because I liked the design and then I lost interest. Fast. I owned the BRS animation version, for example, and in the end I sold her.

So it seems like I definitely need something like an emotional link to a character or series to be able to appreciate a figure in the long run, so that’s how I chose which figures make it into my collection and which I pass on.

Not quite true. I do own Cocona – my very first figure review – and I still love her. But then again it’s Shunya Yamashita and Shunya Yamashita is love. I begin to see a pattern here. Do you?

Anyways. I do hope things will work out between the two of us. But then again, if it doesn’t she’s worth a lot of money….win-win?

Btw, this is actually my first figure from Max Factory. I usually avoid this company like the plague. I don’t like their prices and up till now they haven’t really put out anything I was interested in but I guess there’s a first for everything.

(Excuse the dust, btw. I took photos as soon as I took her out of the box and as I mentioned before, she is pre-owned)

I’m not really hating on Max Factory, though (All my hate goes out to GSC <3). I know their quality is great and now I’ve got a figure to confirm that in person. Oh wait, no, I definitely hate MF for Guts. Oh yes, I do. But other than that I’m pretty much indifferent towards them. I just feel sorry for people who like their products and have to sacrifice an arm and a leg >_>

As you can see on the full-body pictures above, Katanako comes with an additional hand so you can display her without the sword. Which I find odd. Because why would you want to display a Katanako without a Katana. But oh well, the option is there so that’s that.

I really love the color scheme, which is why I insisted on owning the original version over the variant.

The level of detail is amazing. Ahhh how I wish they’d make scales of the Dogs characters. I would buy each and every one of them <3

But it’s not only Miwa Shirou’s design, it’s also the practical execution on the part of Max Factory that makes this figure shine. She has really nice abs sculpt, for example, which I didn’t notice as much on the product pictures as on the actual figure.

Her katana is also quite interesting, as it’s 2-3 times as thick as a normal sword should be. I wonder if you can even slice with that thing or if you just simply club your enemies to death :’D

As of now I’m really, really happy about my purchase. Maybe I should try and display Katanako and Cocona next to each other. I’ve got a feeling that their colors would match well.

I do have to say, though…. Her panties are ridiculous. I mean, it’s nicely sculpted and all, but really? Everytime I see something like that (or figures with underboobs) I have to imagine wearing that stuff and I’m telling you, this would be uncomfortable af!

To conclude this post: Love the design, the colors and pose.

My favourite thing about this figure is probably the armor on her left arm. That thing looks amazing <3

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