Aniplex/Stronger Shiki is here!

The last figure for this month finally arrived – thanks to Figuya, once again!

My first Aniplex/Stronger exclusive figure. I hope this doesn’t become the norm, because this stuff is expensive … On the other hand, this Shiki is super gorgeous so I can’t really complain >_<

This is her right out of the box. I’m a bit worried about the peg, as it’s made of plastic instead of metal and she is kind of wobbly on her base. Her supporting leg does have a metal rod inside so it should be fine leaning-wise.

The figure itself looks great. The pose is as dynamic as can be. She comes with two hands – which came as a little bit of a surprise to me. One with the effect part and one without. You’ll never hear me complaining about extra parts. On the other hand (huehue) I don’t really see the point of the hand without the effect. She looks great – don’t get me wrong – but also kind of plain. Something is missing, probably because the base is of a quiet boring design, too.

This is definitely the option that makes this figure look complete. It adds so much more movement and dynamics and the base doesn’t seem so boring anymore. The center of attention completely shifts when this hand is attached to the figure.

See? That’s what I’m talking about. Instant badassery >:D

This would be the least flattering angle for her face, though. The shape of the hair and the angle make her face look rounder than it should.

From any other angle, though, she will look absolutely amazing. The pose, the clothes, the slicing + the hair and effect create the look of one smooth movement. The shiny paint on her jacket adds a nice contrast to the overall matt paintjob.

I really like the way they redesigned the color palette of the effect part. The prototype sported an all-red look. Now the transition in color to white and the white sparkles really add to the figure. With the initial color one really didn’t know if this was supposed to be a massive blood stream or slicing through the lines of mortality. The change made things pretty clear.

As always, some MFC-users complained about flaws in sculpt and paintjob. My figure doesn’t have any of that.

I’m really, really happy I could still get her on the German figure market for a reasonable price. I payed ~160€ including shipping and that’s fine to me for a 1/7 exclusive figure.

In my opinion, Stronger Shiki and Kotobukiya Shiki are the best figures of her out there. Not a big fan of the GSC versions (I used to own one of them). I love Kotobukiya’s Mirai Fukuin version but always wanted to own a figure in her original outfit. Now that dream came true :)


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