WonFes-Thoughts #2


A WonFes post? From ME?! YES, because this time there was actually stuff I want to talk about :D Last time this had been the case was exactly one year ago when Summer Wonfes 2015 took place.

(Disclaimer: This is an old post with direct links to MFC pics. MFC updates pics with the same link so the original prototype pics are gone and got replaced with ones of the finished product)

But first I have an announcement to make:


I repeat: MegaHouse has fallen from grace. It is NOT any longer my favourite company even if it pains me to tell you this. All of it started one year ago, you can read up on my opinion on my last WonFes post. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Past Me, but no, it did not get better. MegaHouse did get worse.

This past year they have been doing nothing but throwing off their the balance of their figure lineup by producing massive amounts of tits. And I don’t mean the esthetically pleasing type. Right now they are doing their best to strip every female character they own off their clothes and off their last bit of dignity they had left. It has nothing to do with the character designs anymore. Doesn’t matter if Nami, Robin, Tashigi, Boa or Vivi. They all get the same body. Huge ass, balloon tits, little to no clothing or in the middle of stripping.

And because they seem to feel that the female characters they own aren’t enough, they take the MALE chars, GENDERBEND them, and put HUGE-ASS TITS ON THEM, TOO! DEAR GOD MEGAHOUSE FUCKING STOP. Luffy and Law half-naked with H-cup tits is NOTHING I needed in my life, okay? Geeeeeeez…..

What doesn’t help, either, is that their Palm Mate line is a huge disappointment for me personally as well. One year later, MegaHouse still fails to put out any character in this line that would slightly interest me. It’s not their fault, of course, as they don’t have to cater to me – it’s just a very sad fact.

Sad is also the number of MegaHouse figures I want to talk about today. It’s… two… But here we go:

(MFC Link)

Orga – Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans:

Let me cheat a little bit here, he’s not exactly a WonFes announcement. We’ve seen this prototype before, but it was also present at this event and for the sake of having something to talk about MegaHouse-wise I’ll just include him.

I’m still not done watching the show but as he’s already my fav char, I’ll get him. Also helps that his pose is sexy as hell. I’ll skip Mika. I have to admit that I do actually like his pose better but I’m just not a huge fan of his flat-ass character.

(MFC Link)

Daisuke & Veemon – Digimon 02:

Something I will not buy – but definitely something that gives me hope. I’m really happy that they finally started to produce characters from 02. Veemon is my favourite Digimon and I love that he’s getting more figures. Not buying this because of the small scale but I do hope – OMG DO I HOPE – that MH will put out an Adult Level figure like with 01. I wouldn’t really care which one. Give me Flamedramon or Raidramon, Magnamon or Sagittarimon. Damn, ExVeemon would be freakin neat… yeah, do that, please.

(MFC Link)

Horseface Jean – Shingeki no Kyojin:

Ohhh Union Creative, what am I gonna do with you…. This time I actually like the variant better. He’s still kinda weird-looking… but better than the first version. Dat face… Though I do have to wonder why the shirt on this variant is green when the original art in the background clearly depicts him with the (off-)white one… I wonder if Sentinel will release a Jean figure. Should I wait for that so I can compare? Or just fuck it and pre-order UC. But it’s UC, you know… You…just don’t pre-order UC…..


There are also 2 Nendoroids on my watchlist right now, which I do not intend to buy but am curious to see how they turn out. First of all Kylo Ren, which would have to include a faceplate without the mask to make me want to buy him (Adam Driver is amazing) and Atobe, who I don’t feel the need to own because I already got a scale and who will probably get little to no extra parts anyways so I already lost interest. So that is that.


And now comes the flood. I feel like I found a worthy replacement for MegaHouse and the name is Kotobukiya. I swear, the day they announced Kusuriuri back at Summer WonFes 2015 they have been on FIRE. Since then their male figure line-up is packed with figures of series’ I would have never dreamed of to see again and they are all amazing! They put these amazing sculpts on the market like a freakin machine gun. I am pretty sure they snort coke back at the HQ. I fear for their health. If they go on like that they will die, either of an overdose or because of overworking themselves. God, I love it.

My pre-order list will probably be 90% Koto in the future. Nico and Worick are already waiting there, btw.

(MFC Link)

Spike – Cowboy Bebop:

We finally got to see the prototype of Spike’s figure. Maybe they have to work on the face a little bit more and I do feel like they recycled the base from aforementioned Nico and Worick, but I don’t have to hunt down the old-ass Yamato Spike scale now and I’m really looking forward to seeing him painted. There will also be a DX Version, although no one knows what that’s supposed to mean. No info as of now what will be included as an extra or what the difference to the regular edition will be.

(MFC Link)

Sanzo – Saiyuki:

This…. THIS… is EVERYTHING. I absolutely loved Saiyuki, it was one of my first manga back in the day. And just look at that sculpt. He’s sitting on a crushed Buddha statue, holy sh*t?! I remember owning a Sanzo scale once. I don’t even remember the companies name. It was probably the worst figure I’ve ever owned. The material reminded me of old chewing gum, needless to say I sold it a long time ago. The LED-base was kinda cool, though… Anyways. I’ll buy this, ooooh will I buy this. But before that, Imma buy every Saiyuki manga I don’t own yet. I believe the German version got cancelled at some point and I couldn’t understand a word of English as a kid but that clearly changed now so I’ll be getting this to prepare me for this amazing figure!

(MFC Link)

Natsume & Madara – Natsume Yuujinchou:

Can it seriously get any better? Writing this article, I’m getting more and more hyped. I love Kotobukiya so much right now. I do own Alter’s Natsume (renewal) and I feel like these two figures will compliment each other amazingly well. While Alter’s version is a calm and quiet scenario with cutesy Nyanko-sensei, this one is more action-based with a huge-ass Madara in the background. The moment I saw the announcement for this figure I prayed they’d include Nyanko’s true form and my wish did come true. Love it!

(MFC Link)

Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist:

I. am. about. to. cry. Fullmetal Alchemist scales in the year 2016. And it’s not only Ed, Al is there, too! And the pose is amazing, and the base is amazing. And I do own MH’s Ed but I always felt that he looked too young and now we are getting a full-on FMA:B badass grown-up Ed WITH Al and that’s not even all because they also announced a Mustang Scale (no prototype yet) which I wanted to skip because I’m not a huge fan but if the sculpt is anything like Ed here I won’t be able to resist *pant* *wheeze* …. can’t. breathe.

All jokes aside. All my yes and I do hope they will continue this line because there are SO many characters in the FMA-universe that deserve figures. Give me Greed, give me Greedlin, Scar, Miles, Hughes, Hohenheim, Armstrong (by which I mean both Alex AND Olivier), Winry, Izumi. Give me EVERYONE.


Oh what a wonderful WonFes, indeed! So much stuff to look forward to. This was my list of favourites for this time. Which figures are you excited for?

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