Kaiyodo Revoltech – Karura Wood Vers.

It’s sunday and I’ve finally got some time to post my first impression of my long-awaited Karura. This is also a follow-up articel on this one. Enjoy :)

I got this one from Mandarake (customs-free, yay!). Needless to say that everything was in perfect condition when it arrived at my doorstep. The packaging is really nice and fitting for this particular theme of figure. Karura comes with 3 sets of hands, a flute, a sculpted base, the standard clear-plastic Revoltech base and the little Revoltech cube for the extra parts included with all Revoltech figures.

I got the wood version variant. There’s also the coloured standard version but I like the more simple colour palette and how it makes the figure look like an actual statue. You probably know that I’m a complete heathen when it comes to action figures so I’ll try not to offend anyone by my noobish impression of that part of the figure.

For the size of a Revoltech figure – which is sadly enough a mere 13 cm – the detail of the sculpt is astounding. There is a lot to look at, so many small details and parts. In regard of the action-figure part I do find myself impressed with it’s posability, although the amount of cloth would suggest otherwise.

We’ve got the standard Revoltech clicky-joints all over that figure. The parts are either jointed or they are movable parts made from very soft rubber/plastic, so they won’t get in the way of the posability. And although Karura can be twisted in all kinds of positions, the joints themselves are nicely hidden away by the sculpt and clothing, which is always a plus for me (because I f#***# hate joints).

I’m also really happy about the sculpted base included in this set. This one makes the figure seem much more statue-like. I won’t be using the clear plastic base but I can appreciate the fact that Kaiyodo included it, as it would seem a bit problematic to keep Karura balanced on the “wood”-base if you chose to display him in a more action packed pose (which is really absolutely possible, given this figure’s range of motion).

Even the mouth/beak can be opened and closed, the insides of his mouth are nicely sculpted and feature a pointed tongue. This is probably my favourite little detail about this figure.

Wings and firewheel are all jointed. It takes some fiddling around with the wheel, though, as its position influences Karura’s center of gravity quite a lot. Good thing it’s jointed, then. This could have been a major design problem otherwise.

The hand intended for holding the flute has two teeeeeny tiny holes in it so the flute can be placed securely into Karura’s palm. It fits quite amazingly well, keeping in mind HOW small the figure and thus the hands really are.

The only complaint I can think of would be that I wished this figure was bigger. 13cm is sooooo so small, but that’s just the way it is with Revoltechs. Other than that, I absolutely adore Karura. Sculpt, paintjob and posability – at least for me – leave nothing to be desired. I might just get a few others of this series.

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2 Responses to Kaiyodo Revoltech – Karura Wood Vers.

  1. Kotone says:

    I was really looking forward to this review! I’m glad you like what you bought and by looking at all the details I’m almost shocked that pretty much nobody talks about these figures! To be honest I wouldn’t even think about the figure being joint, because the joints are hidden so well! The size might be a little downer, but maybe I’ll buy one for myself to decorate my room.
    Anyways, thank you for your review!

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