Kotobukiya Worick Arcangelo

Kotobukiya keeps making me happy!

Today we’ll take a first look at Gangsta.’s Worick Arcangelo.

With a price of 10k yen, he is kind of on the more expensive side of male figures. Good thing there is the amiami preorder bonus but it doesn’t help that ems shipping is getting more and more expensive :/ I’m pretty sure that this time I payed more importing a figure than paying the German price. On the other hand I got him 1-2 months earlier, so I’m not too upset about that.

I still don’t know what to think of the Gangsta. anime. I liked every single episode of it but the ending must have been one of the worst anime endings I’ve seen in a long time. Waiting for a second season also seems to be in vain, as the studio Manglobe went bankrupt shortly after releasing the last episode of season 1.

So if you liked the anime there’s almost no way around purchasing the manga afterwards. At least that’s what I did, though there’s no need for hurry because the manga went on hiatus and – as far as I know – still is.

So what better way to pass the time until the manga picks up again than to admire the first Gangsta figure of a set of 2 (Nico will be released next month). Worick is ready for display right out of the box. No assembly is required, base and figure are firmly attached to each other.

While Worick’s outfit is pretty simple and the pose fairly static, the way the figure is sculpted still conveys a nice level of detail and dynamic.

He looks great displayed by himself, but I do have to say that getting Nico, too, is almost non-optional. First of all, seeing one without the other already feels kind of strange and secondly their poses complement each other greatly in the product pictures, matching base and all. Can’t wait to get my hands on Nico.

It might be just a minor detail but I really love the way the jacket spans around his shoulderblades. The sculpting on this figure leaves nothing to be desired. (Also amazing ponytail-man-bun-thing? What’s that hairstyle called…)

Highlight of the figure, though, which makes me immensly happy, is the face. How it’s possible to cram so much detail on a tiny face like that is completely beyond me. More so that the sculpt is ACCURATE AF.

His shirt helps giving this figure its dynamic. Some buttons are loose, left side tucked in, right side blowing in the wind. This also should make the ladies quite happy, as we can clearly take a peak at Woricks midriff (happy trail included).

Getting a clear shot at his face poses a bit troublesome, though, as his arms are somehow always a little bit in the way.

As perfect as the face sculpt is, this is also the only area I’ve got a little bit of a problem with. Worick is a really pale guy and while the rest of the skin on his body got the shading treatment, his face is lacking in that regard, which makes it appear quite a lot paler than the rest (but does make his eye colour pop, so that’s that).

A bit hard to see on photos, but said happy trail can be found here. Hairy details have also been added on his chest, arms and upper lip.

Part what makes this face sculpt so great is probably the mouth area. A lot of manga/anime art stylizes this part almost to one thin line only while with this figure everything is nicely sculpted. From the lips to the teeth and creases in the cheeks, Kotobukiya indeed provided a special sense of realism right here.

So now the waiting for Nico begins. He’s actually my favourite of the two and I’m really anxious about his face. Product pictures look reaaaally weird from certain angles. It would be a shame if Worick’s face had turned out so perfect just to have a herpy-derp Nico next to him. Guess we’ll find out next month :)


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