Kotobukiya Nico Brown

A post long due. I’ve had Nico in my collection for at least 2 weeks now but lacked the motivation to upload. Want to find out why?

Well, because this time I actually share the disappointment over this figure’s quality with other users on MFC, that’s why. I had high hopes for Nico. First of all, because he’s my fav out of the two protagonists and secondly, because Worick turned out great so I hoped Nico would be on a par with him, despite the problematic product pictures.

Sadly enough, I was let down. I usually don’t have any problems with figures that only look good at certain angles. The problem with Nico, though, is that his face looks especially bad at the very angle he’s supposed to be displayed in. Which is the angle shown above. The nose looks off, the mouth looks off, it’s just not a good look at all.

I consider the face the most important part of a figure and more often than not the accuracy of the face decides over whether or not I’ll buy or pass. Maybe I’m being too harsh on this figure. The whole body is superbly executed, just like Worick’s. The two of them displayed together completes the picture, so there was no way I could have passed on Nico.

So let’s stop with the negativity here and talk about the good things.

As you can see, he already looks a whole lot better from this angle. It’s probably the chosen facial expression that makes his face so difficult. Constricted pupils lack details and the nose casts weird shadows. Wait a minute, I said “stop with the negativity”!

The pose is amazing, for example. Much more dynamic than Worick’s, which also represents Nico’s character nicely, as he’s obviously a killer duracell bunny on drugs.

The sculpt of the jacket contributes to the action-packed pose. The outfit – while being of a simple design – looks gorgeous with all the creases and wrinkles.

The base is obviously designed the same way as Worick’s so they would match when displayed together. They do not interlock, though, as you’d have to display the two figures quite a bit apart from each other anyways (and no one likes unnecessarily huge bases).

Nico also sports a partially exposed belly (including nice muscle and scar). He’s also got mad chest muscles but those are kind of hard to snap a picture of so you just have to trust me on that.

The level of detail is amazing, but we’re talking about Kotobukiya so I had expected no less.

And here we’ve got some examples of the angle-game (click to enlarge). As you can see, the middle one looks the worst, which is the standard display angle. I personally prefer the one on the left. Not too much of a rotation is required for that, so it’s more than possible to have him actually look good in a display case. It just takes a bit of fiddling around to make him match with Worick.


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