Crafty Duchess: Storing Figure Boxes #2


Here’s a quick, little post about an alternative way of storing figure boxes while I’m waiting for more information on Figma Gil’s release date. He’s supposed to be released this month but a delay is getting more and more likely :<

Most people probably don’t have the luxury of a storage room in their apartment/house to store their figure boxes in and even if they have, there will probably come a time when they’re running out of space regardless. If any of these situations rings a bell, this method will probably work for you, given you’ve got an attic or a cellar.

And because throwing the boxes in said places would be too easy, there are probably a lot of people who fear for their goods because the attic/cellar is either too hot, too wet, too moldy or has little rodents running around. This is where we start. Separate the blisters from the boxes and fold the boxes to save space.

I’m pretty sure I could recognize which blister belongs to which figure, but for convenience and to fasten up the matching process later when I need the complete box again, I’ve taped little notes inside each blister with the character’s name on it.

Pack the blisters into your prefered container, be it storage boxes or – as I used – huge plastic bags and throw them in the attic/cellar. Nothing should ever happen to plastic blisters even in a warm/wet/moldy environment. All you have to do now is find a save and hidden place inside your house/apartment for the folded cardboard boxes. Mine are currently stored underneath my couch and behind furniture.

This method will sadly and obviously not work with cold cast/resin figures, as there is no way of folding the styrofoam inside the boxes, so there is also no point in folding the cardboard around it.

It also won’t work with Union Creative boxes because they cannot be folded. F**** you Union Creative….

So there you go. Only 3 boxes of my whole collection need to be stored in their entirety inside my apartment. The rest is separated and savely put away in the cellar and underneath the couch. Now, if I have to move places again, that’s when things will get interesting :’D

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