First Figma: #300 Gilgamesh

Finally, after a 1-month delay, the King of Kings has made his way into my collection!

Before we jump into this, as always, a little disclaimer: I am a scale collector. I am by no means an expert regarding action figures. As a matter of fact, this is my first Figma ever. I’ve never seen one in real life before. So this is my noob opinion and first impression so please don’t stone me :)

As this is a blogpost of firsts, let me start this one with something I’ve also never done before: criticize AmiAmi.

I’ve heard that this is the way they always package Figma and Nendoroid but seriously? A loosely fitting box with neither bubblewrap nor plain foil? This might work for most small figure boxes but as you can see, the shitty packaging has left the box scratched up like crazy. I usually don’t care too much about boxes but #300’s got a special design and now it’s ruined :/ Not cool, AmiAmi, not cool.

So let the noobism begin: This figma box isn’t the usual window box like the other figma have. You can open up the front, which is secured with velcro circles at the side, to get a look inside. Then the inlay has this little perforated design in it, which looks cool but I really have no idea what to do with it as it doesn’t seem to fit the base. Is that for that di:stage stuff?

And these are the contents minus the figure itself. I’ll be honest with you. I love extra parts for my scales, like…. a second head or a second arm. I unboxed this stuff and I was so overwhelmed I literally just went to sleep (not kidding).

So we’ve got Ea and Enkidu, crossed arms, a complete torso, 6 different hands for each torso (the 2 already attached not included), 2 extra faces, the head with his hair down, the base and 2 replacement joints.

That’s a whole lot. And it better be because they charge a woopin’ 9k for a 16cm action figure….

Although the pricetag is a bummer I found myself utterly impressed by this figure. I can’t help but be amazed at how nearly perfect the sculpt and paintjob are. I expected a lot more inaccuracies and paintsplodges for something that size. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find sculpt errors, seamlines or anything that could have been painted better.

Apparently there has been a huge outcry about the color of his armor? I have to say that I really couldn’t care less. I like the shade of gold they picked and considering Gil is trolling himself through every Fate universe there probably isn’t ONE color scheme anyways.

The crossed arm part looks great. Some found it hard to attach, can’t say the same thing for me. I just removed both entire arms from his shoulders, which made it quite easy to remove the parts from the elbow down. Re-attach the upper arms, snap in the crossed arms, voilá, there you go. No biggy.

Here are the 3 faceplates with hair up. The screaming face is just freakin silly :’D I really don’t see myself using it other than taking advantage of the stupidity for funny photos. Serious face on the left and smirk face on the right will be my go-to faces for this fig.

I like his hair down a lot. This is definitely a part that should have been included in the Nendo as well. Regarding extra parts, Figma Gil is damn near perfect. All he’s missing is the Gate of Babylon and once you have the Nendo you can totally use that one (pictures later in this post).

Guys, really. I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to do with an action figure. I mean, just look at that. That’s what I do. I can’t handle infinite posing options. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Fun fact: Figma Gil is taller than Figma Archer, which is not just odd but also horribly inaccurate scale-wise. Good for me, though, because I don’t own any other figma and I was pleasantly surprised by those 16cm because I honestly thought Figma were the size of Revoltechs…

He can kind of sit but not really? I had to tilt back the box a lot to make him stay. For some reason his hip joints won’t allow for leg movement more extreme than this. Maybe someone can explain this to me, but as an action figure noob this strikes me as odd because there’s really nothing there restricting him from moving around. The cape can be shoved out of the way so why wasn’t he made more flexible in the hips? Sitting him down somewhere, letting him judge people would have been funny. Might be possible with something like a swing, though….

“What is this? An Ea for ants?”

Yes, he can hold Nendo Ea perfectly well. Figma Ea on the other hand might be a bit too heavy for some poses. The wrist joint doesn’t take the weight too well but it might just take some fiddling around to make it stay where you want it to.

Now THIS is something I’m very happy about. The Nendo Gate of Babylon fits perfectly fine with the Figma. It snaps into the stand and the proportions don’t seem off either.

I might just craft a giant Gate of Babylon out of two small ones. Yes, I own two Nendo Gils. Don’t ask. I’ve got plans. ಠ_ಠ

This is the pose I came up with as of now. I’ve got him standing next to the Nendo and I’d like to have some display variation. Hair-down, nekkid torso was a no-brainer then as those are parts that the Nendo simply doesn’t have.

Is this figure worth paying 9k for? I’d say yes, as he’s tall for a figma and comes with tons of extra parts.

Am I impressed by my first figma? Definitely yes! Gil has absolutely exceeded my expectations in size, sculpt and paintjob.

One of the pegs came off the crossed arms part, which I wouldn’t consider a defect. All I had to do was pushing it in again. It had simply fallen out. I glued it in, just to be safe. The other thing I noticed is that his shoulders loosen a lot, but this is also just a matter of pushing things back into place. So far there’s nothing to complain about.

Am I going to purchase more figma in the future? Nah, probably not. Still preferring the scales.

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