Kotobukiya Natsume & Madara

Ooooh I feel like it’s been ages since I got a new figure in the mail.

As a matter of fact, it’s the first scale figure to arrive at my house in 2017 and only the second figure I’ve received this year (the first one being Figma Gilgamesh).

Kinda sad, but all the more exciting. So let’s jump right into it:

I say scale figure but as you could already tell by the cover image, Kotobukiya decided to release this as a non-scale figure. This is probably due to the fact that Takashi is pretty small, which also brings us to the first critique point of the general figure collecting community.

As a stand-alone Natsume Yuujinchou figure, it’s a real bummer that Takashi turned out so tiny. Alter’s Natsume sitting on a branch was already considered on the small side of a 1/8 figure with 17.5 cm, while Koto’s Natsume is a mere 16 cm standing up, which I would consider a 1/10 scale. It’s a valid point of criticism. On the other hand, despite his small size, Natsume’s sculpt and paint job is absolutely on point and carried out beautifully.

Especially the sculpt of his jacket blowing in the wind is absolutely fantastic. It’s almost a shame you can’t see Natsume’s backside too well because he’s mostly covered by Madara.

I totally understand that this figure has brought up some controversial opinions. I myself am sure that this figure shouldn’t be called “Natsume & Madara” but the other way around. The same way Alter’s Natsume is a Takashi with a little Nyanko-sensei on the side, this figure is more like a Madara figure with a little Natsume on the side. This is, however, not something to be sad about because Madara is breathtakingly gorgeous!

Forgive me, Takashi-fans, for I will be concentrating on Madara in this first impression post. I do own Alter’s Natsume, so I’m more than happy to own them both now, as they go really nice with each other (comparison pic at the end of this post). Madara’s sculpt is so, so, so beaaaautiful. The sculpt on the ‘smooth’ part on his head was intentionally left rough looking to give it the appearance of fur. I appreciate this level of detail so much. A perfectly smooth surface would have given his head an overly plasticy look.

Go ahead and click on the image to get a better look at that fur.

From his ears and cheeks downwards the tufts of fur have been sculpted individually all around his body. I can’t stop staring at it. At this point I could have really cared less if they had even included Takashi or not. Madara alone is worth the purchase.

Just throwing this in for an extra angle. Looking good all around, Nyanko-sensei!

The base complements the whole figure really well and also has the nice advantage that Madara doesn’t appear like just a severed head, as the swirls represent the effect when he turns from Nyanko-sensei to his true form.

Also a nice little detail which I hadn’t noticed until I unboxed the figure were the three individual empty pages of the book of friends. Looking at Natsume’s pose, he really is in the middle of returning some names, so this is a nice way to connect the individual characters and parts of the figure to create a coherent look.

There is one little thing you shouldn’t underestimate when adding this figure to your collection, though. That is, that despite tiny Natsume, this piece needs SPACE. While Natsume is only 16 cm in height and Madara’s a solid 20 cm, the diameter of space you need to display them is easily 21 cm x 20 cm, due to Madara’s pose and width of the neck.

Despite me swooning over Madara the whole time, once you’ve attached Natsume to the base, they do make an absolutely nice pair. Natsume’s feet got a peg on each heel that simply slides into the misty part of Madaras base. As simple as that process is, Koto still included an instruction sheet with pictures so even the last idiot on this planet will get it :’D

Here’s the promised comparison shot, btw.

I love Kotobukiya so much for paying attention to more of the older and / or niche anime titles. Not only that, but they are getting more and more creative with poses and bases. This Madara/Natsume figure is no exception and if you follow my blog you’ll see a lot more of that. I’ve got Sanzou on preorder for next month, as well as the DX version of Edward and I’m sure that Spike will find his way into my collection in one version or the other.


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