Crafty Duchess: Painting & misc. fixes

Here we are again with Part 2 of “Saving Prier”.

This time we’ll do some minor repairs and fix the paintjob-mess we created while removing the stickiness. Let’s go!

First of all, I fixed Prier’s base, as this one came already faulty straight out of the box. As you can see, one of the pegs is deformed in a way Prier’s foot wouldn’t even fit into. I removed the excess material with an x-acto knife.

Now that she fits on the base she’s also leaning a bit more, but as I have to fix that anyway the degree of leaning doesn’t really matter.

So after I had her standing on the base the way she should be, I whipped out the hot water and fixed her leaning in one go. The tutorial on how to fix leaning figures can be found here.

Now that we’ve got all of that out of the way, it’s time to get some paint! I’m using enamel paint because that’s what I’ve already got at home. It’s not the best option so I’m not recommending it but oh well, let’s make do with what we have. It’ll be fine.

The parts that got super patchy after removing the stickiness completely were Prier’s hair and her shirt. So I start from the top – alas with her hair – and try to mix the colors into the shade of her original hair color. Once I’m satisfied I got to applying the paint.

(Click to enlarge)

Repainting Prier is a pretty easy and straight-forward process, as she’s actually painted in flat colors. The shading is absolutely non-existant, so for my first repaint this is as easy as it can get. I do have to pat myself on the shoulder, though. I think I did a pretty good job of mixing her hair color.

The final result looks like this. Now on to her shirt!

This one was a little bit tricky. Looking at the patchy paint-job, you could see pink coming through. The original paintjob on pictures, though, looks to have blue mixed into it. I went with the black-blue version I saw on product pictures of the figure.

Here’s a pretty nice picture that makes clear how patchy the paintjob came out once I was finished with removing the stickiness. It took quite a lot of damage. Also I realized just now that I also fixed the painting of the pink ribbons because they had the same color as Prier’s hair and I already had that mixed together, so I quickly fixed those as well.

All that was left to do at this stage was filling in the black between the grey pattern on her sleeves, waiting for everything to dry and popping the bag on her back on it’s designated peg again.

Aaaand this is what she looks like now. I fixed the base, fixed her leaning, got rid of the stickiness and redid parts of her paintjob. There’s only one final step left to make sure that I never have to see her again, but I’ll leave that one for Part 3 :D



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