Kotobukiya Genjo Sanzo

The April loot is finally here!

I’ll put the stuff I’ve got this time in seperate posts just because I feel the individual figures deserve their own spotlight (and I took shitloads of photos of Sanzo anyways).

There’s so much to look at! Kotobukiya has outdone themselves again.

Here we have Genjo Sanzo from Saiyuki sitting on a shattered Buddha statue’s head. The whole scene is very well composed and overflowing with detail. If you have any chance of displaying this figure in a way you can see it from all sides, I’d definitely recommend doing just that.

The whole base sports astounding levels of texture, complemented nicely by the paintjob and various weathering effects. I’m not sure what we are looking at here, though. Maybe it’s some kind of decorative halo that is sometimes attached to the back of a Buddha’s head?

There’s not a single spot on the base left out when it comes to sculpting. Everything’s got a nice texture to it so the parts will resemble their respective materials, namely sand and stone(clay?).

Facial features of the statue are well worked out, too. It appears like it would have been an impressive work of art when it was still intact.

While Sanzo is taking a rest and reloading his revolver, his priest’s head attire (what’s this thing called?) is neatly layed out beside him.

The whole piece is such an eye-catcher, it might very well be the centerpiece of a collection. It also takes up quite some space. The whole figure needs approximately 22cm x 18cm and about 18cm in height. It also weighs almost 1 kilo.

The sutra is made of slightly softer material than the rest of the figure. The writing on it is, again, very detailed and crisp.

Here’s some wrinkle-porn as well as an example of the accuracy put into depicting Sanzo’s design. It’s clearly visible that he’s wearing his white pair of jeans underneath the robes.

Also Sanzo seems to have put the bullets he’s reloading right now to good use right before this whole scene happened. My bf insists that the splatters on his sleeve look like someone has grabbed it with bloody hands. It’s amazing how little details like that automatically make you imagine a story behind the whole scenario.

On of the most impressive little things on this figure is probably the revolver. Sanzo does come ready to display right out of the box. There is absolutely no assembly needed. BUT. This revolver is a seperate piece of sculpt and if you’re careful enough you can actually wriggle it out of his hands.

This revolver is a mere 2cm long but couldn’t be any more detailed. This tiny weapon got the whole treatment: Little screws, individually painted bullets, the only thing missing is an intact gun barrel but who cares about that at this point.

Really, there isn’t any bad angle for this figure. Sanzo looks amazing and truthful to his original design no matter how you look at it.

He’s got the droopy eyes, the bindi on his forehead and a cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

I own a lot of figures with cigarettes. This one is the first and only to have a fiery red paintjob at the tip of it. It’s a very simple and effective way of making it appear lit, where other cigarettes only get a grey tip to simulate the ash.

I feel like there is so much more I ought to write about this figure. This is one of those pieces that you unbox and it simply blows you away. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of looking at this.

The only sad thing is that we’ll probably not be getting the rest of the crew (though, one can only hope, right?).


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