MegaHouse Orga Itsuka

I’ve returned from the depths of hell – namely the real life working yourself to death limbo – to continue the loot posts of this month!!! No wait, this isn’t right.

Orga here arrived in the same parcel that Sanzo got shipped in, too. So he’s been in my collection for over a month. So this is basically still an April’s loot post. Time really flies by when your work place sucks big time :D

Anyways, let’s ban the bitternis from this post and take a good look at Orga here. In typical MH-manner, he’s a 1/8, but stands pretty tall with a little bit over 24cm. Which makes sense, because he’s a pretty tall dude in the show as well.

He is a little bit pricey, though. 11k yen for a standard MegaHouse male figure without any extra parts is pretty expensive imo, but it’s probably a sad part of reality male-figure collectors have to get used to. The more popular the guys get, the more prices will rise, it seems.

But let’s keep the negativity down (seriously, what’s wrong with me these days?). I might have to write a seperate post about recent developments to just get it off my chest. BUT NOW: ORGA! OKAY!

I feel like the face-sculpt is a little tiiiiny bit off from certain angles, but that’s a thing with a lot of MH figures so I’m not gonna complain. He’s a very good-looking figure, both sculpt- and paint-wise.

The shading of the jacket is very well done. The sculpt of his hair is spikey as hell without an visible seemlines. The color of his skin is accurate enough. It might not come across that way in my photos. My camera’s been acting up these days.

I reaaaally adore the combination of those pants and boots. Butt-enthusiasts will be disappointed, though. Standard MH-butt-sculpt. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I do like that peculiar curvature of his left leg, though. It’s very subtle and also kind of odd-looking but it conveys a whole lot of movement in an overall stoic pose.

Again, the shading on the pants is exceptionally well done and the matt painting adds a nice contrast to the shiny boots.

The base is nothing special but pretty much what you’d expect. Maybe I lack imagination myself but I wouldn’t be able to think of a more original, nifty way of designing a base for a character of a sci-fi / gundam show, so this one will do just fine.

Body-proportions are fairly accurate. He’s leaning more towards the thin side, especially in hips and waist. It probably wouldn’t have hurt to put just a little bit more material in that area, but it’s quite okay that way, too. The arms and hands are sculpted very attractively, subtle fanservice with abs showing through his shirt is present as well.

Armpit-enthusiasts might want to shed tears of joy, though. You can hardly see at a normal angle, but taking a closer look, this is probably one of the most detailed part and the most detailed armpits I’ve personally ever seen on a figure.

Overall I’m really happy with the final product. I do have to admit that he’s got overshadowed a bit by the sheer awesomness that is Koto’s Sanzo, as they did get delivered in the same parcel. But that is quite unfair so I at least wanted them to have their respective, seperate blog posts. MH is good quality. It’s not Koto-quality but still very, very good imo. The sculpt and paint is superb. The only thing they’re still lacking is dynamic posing.

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