MegaHouse P.O.P. Encore Luffy

Wow, a first impression on time? Can’t be! Yet, here it is!

My May-loot is 100% One Piece themed this time. Sounds impressive, but all it means is that 2 out of 2 scales I’m getting are from One Piece lol. Luffy here arrived last Thursday and a new Zoro figure is already on his way!

So what we’ve got here now is the Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Luffy Vers. 2 Encore Edition, which is quite a mouthful. It’s a rather fancy name for a simple re-release :D There are 2 minor differences to the first release, though. One being obiviously the box, which got a complete makeover. The first box looked like this.

The second change was made to the base. The first release of Luffy had a base with clear white plastic in the middle. This was changed to a light blue for the rerelease. I kind of prefer this design. It seems to match better with the whole pirate/sailing/water theme.

And here he is! I fell in love with this sculpt the moment I saw the prototype. I even sold the first Sailing Again Luffy I had owned until then to replace him with this one.

The pose itself is not overly ambitious but a relaxed stance like that is already a slight improvement over your standard POP, just standing there with their fists clenched. It also suits Luffy’s character just fine so I’ve got nothing to complain about.

And we’ve got extra parts again! I sure miss the times when every MH figure had parts for changing poses and expressions. This Luffy comes with 2 different expressions and an extra left arm. Instead of including an entire head, though, this time MegaHouse went with an option of swappable faceplates. I like this system a whole lot better than swapping entire heads. Extra parts won’t take up as much space and it just feels like the more modern type of method.

Here you can see the clenched-fist extra arm with both expressions on him. The extra arm is probably meant for the angry face but MH can’t tell me what to do! So we’re doing all the options!

Angry-face Luffy with hat in his hand works, too! I like both faces but I need my Luffy to be cheerful, so both clenched-fist and angry face-plate will be stored away.

The level of detail is pretty good for a POP. The hat looks like a proper strawhat and the handsculpt turned out pretty neat. The nails got a glossy finish. MegaHouse will do that sometimes. I can’t help but think of nail-polish, which is odd for a pirate dude so I think it’s just a weird thing MH does for extra detail.

Luffy’s shirt stands out marvelously. It’s not just the sculpt but the color they’ve chosen is really vibrant and therefore a real eye-catcher!

The blues and yellows are more subtle. The shading of the pants is outstanding and both the fluffy ends as well as the scar on his chest are properly sculpted.

One of my favourite things about this Luffy is the sculpt of the hair, though. It’s just so spikey and well-crafted! Comparing this hair with the first Sailing Again Luffy is a difference like day and night.

Combined with the other favourite thing – his smiley face – this figure turns out to be an utterly adorable rendition of our favourite pirate captain. I think this face sculpt is damn near perfect as a representation of Luffy. Just look at that slighty tilted grin and that knobbly nose :)

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