Manda Haul! Keychains, Straps and Books

Browsing Mandarake can be such a dangerous thing to do.

I’ve fallen into the trap of this store many, many times before, so I’ve stayed clear for a while only to fall into it again this time of the year :D

I’m not really the type to collect merchandise. I hate clutter to a degree that I’ve even stopped buying anything smaller than a scale (with only a few exceptions). So if I buy merchandise, it will be mostly items that I can use on a day to day basis.

So obviously I am going to cave in when I see bags, especially this one here. I’ve got both the Aladdin and Morgiana scales and both of them came with little keychains, which immediately came to mind when I put this into my shopping cart. All I have to do now is protect the chibi figures from damage but I’ve already got a plan and that one will definitely get a blog post in the future (because this might help you guys out as well).

A zodiac keychain of Gintama’s Hijikata. This one was actually included in one of my amiami orders but it fit the theme of this post, so I’m just gonna throw it in here as well. This keychain isn’t only exceptionally cute but also huge! With woopin’ 10×10 cm, this is probably the biggest keychain I currently own. My SnK Deka Keychains are a close call, though.

The Free!! Mikoshiba phone strap has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. It’s so sad that there’s close to zero merchandise of this character, as he’s bascially my favourite. I’m seriously not interested in owning any scale figure except if they made one of Mikoshiba, which they won’t. Seems like Alter is already struggling with completing the set of the main characters, so this is a dream that won’t come true.

Kekkai Sensen’s Zed, on the other hand, was a complete impulse purchase. I already own a Zapp keychain and felt like those two would look nice together (also their character dynamic is hilarious).

There was also no way I would pass on this adorable Hoozuki plush keychain. It even came with a little phone strap screen cleaner, which I didn’t even know was included (no sign of it in the product picture on Manda). This one currently decorates one of my black messenger bags together with…

this super weird-looking Kingyoso plush strap! I swear to god, Hoozuki no Reitetsu merch is one of the weirdest-looking but still cute and hilarious merch I’ve ever seen.

There seems to be a serious scrunchie craze in Japan. I always wanted to own some but as soon as they go up on pre-order, they are already sold out in a matter of seconds. This one seems to be readily available on Manda, though, and as cute as it is I’m not going to say no.

There is also a black version but I still have no idea what that black Nyanko is about as I’m still not far enough into the story of Natsume Yuujinchou, so I passed on this one for the time being.

This purchase makes absolutely no sense for me. I’m a Murata Yusuke fangirl. Like, hardcore. That’s why I’ve bought it. It’s a how-to-draw book. I have no use for it. I don’t care. It’s mine now.

That being said, it looks fairly useful to beginners who would like to improve their drawings. This book contains a plethora of chapters with different topics, covering the basics of how to draw human figures and environment, as well as how to put together a story and so on.

As I said, I’m a fangirl of this man and I just love how you can tell that all the silhouettes are different Eyeshield21 characters (middle picture).

Which brings me to my next and final purchase, which is the first volume of Murata Yusuke’s “Other One-Bukuro” Doujin series.

It’s not that much a doujin as it’s more a collection of different sketches and pictures of the One-Punch Man universe. It’s more like a mini artbook. As soon as I realized that my lame fangirl-ass went back to Manda and ordered volume 2 and 3…..

So here are all 3 volumes. I’ll also add sneak-peaks for volume 2 and 3, so here you go:

Volume 2.

And Volume 3. I do hope he will continue this series. I’m seriously fangirling over Garou and Metalbat right now. Please do not spoiler, I’m reading VIZ’s print release of the manga, patiently waiting for Volume 12 :)

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  1. That is a super cool bag! :)

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