MegaHouse SOC Roronoa Zoro

Oooh here we go with this release.. I’ve been procrastinating and loathing the idea of having to write about it. But is has to be done. There will be a lot of shouting and swearing involved with this post.

The one thing I want to make clear is that I love this figure – I really do – but I hate MegaHouse deeply for the way they released this. It’s the most controversial thing in my entire collection and those contradicting feelings about this Zoro make it all the more frustrating for me to write about.

Completely unrelated to the above mentioned hatred: I’ve tried NipponYasan’s Transi Logistics shipping method for the first time. It’s not as fast as EMS, the shipping itself is also delayed due to the fact that NY will only send out transi packages once every week, but all in all there’s nothing to complain about. It’s also the most ridiculous overpackaging I’ve ever seen in my life. Securely packed, though, but with an unnecessary amount of air cushions (cat for scale).

This Zoro comes with a view things that need to be assembled.

The cushion (which is in itself already one of the problems of this figure, but more rage later), Wado Ichimonji and – for lack of a better word – the pom-pom-on-a-stick, which is, as far as I know, an essential tool for sword-maintenance.

*sighs* Now where do I begin.

The SOC-Line is a male-figure line that is officially called “Sitting On (a) Chair”. It’s also unofficially called “Suits on Chair” because the two main attributes of the One Piece characters of this line are that they are wearing a Suit and are sitting on a Chair.

Prior to Zoro’s release we’ve got Sanji in a suit, sitting on a chair, Law in a suit, sitting on a chair and Sabo.. in a suit… sitting on chair. Then came Zoro. You might begin to notice where I’m going with this… Zoro here is NEITHER in a fucking suit NOR sitting on a goddamend chair!!!!

It is completely beyond me why you would so utterly fail to deliver a Zoro in a suit on a chair. You might say “oh Duchess, maybe they want to explore the concept a little more” and I’d say “Hell no!!! Because we’ve got a new prototype of Ace for that line and you guess what? YES, he’s wearing a FUCKING SUIT AND IS SITTING ON A GODDAMNED CHAIR AGAIN, FUCK YOU, MEGAHOUSE, you FUCKING CUNTS, robbing me off my one and only chance of having my favourite character in that one design concept that would have made ovaries explode all over the fucking globe! I goddamn wish your headquaters would burn down to the ground, you fucking disappointment of a company!!!!” *pants like a walruss* *twitching vein on my temple*

I could NOT believe my eyes when Zoro’s prototype was released. What the fuck is this shit? How can you so randomly and pointlessly fuck up your line. It’s excruciatingly frustrating. I was looking forward to suit-Zoro since the release of Sanji back in 2016 and THIS is what we get….

(click to enlarge)

And I just hate that they did this under the SOC line. This was most likely the one and only chance to have him in a suit, as MH is not going all the way out like with the BB line where every character gets at least one variation. It’s highly likely we only get one char each and that’s it.

And I just hate how I had to order him anyways, because just look at that picture above. Click on it, look at it in its original resolution. This figure is AMAZING. I would have been hyped to no end if this had been released as a “normal” POP and not a SOC…

I also feel so sorry for people who collect entire lines. It’s not too bad for me personally because this Zoro fits really well into my overall Zoro collection, but line-collectors either have to skip this one entirely or have to deal with that one figure that’s a total misfit when displayed with the others….

The color choice also pisses me off, although I can live with it. But he might have fit a little bit better with the rest if they had chosen black for the Yukata and maybe a blue for the sash? But no, it’s the exact same green of his standard jacket and the exact same red for the sash. It’s just so lazy. It doesn’t feel special at all (and this is a limited, exclusive figure). He’s basically wearing his normal outfit without the pants. It’s so similar in looks to his standard outfit and a complete waste of opportunity to make it fit the figure-line better.

And yet again, when I push all the bitterness over this design-betrayal aside, the sculpting of his body and the folds of the yukata are so expertly carried out, I can’t help but love this figure. Seeing this as a regular One Piece scale and not what it was supposed to be, it truly is a perfect representation of his character. The overall samurai-ish yukata theme, sitting on a pillow, calmly caring for his sword is so spot on that I could not skip him, even though I had loved to vote with my wallet and not financially support a figure that’s such a complete failure when looking solely at the SOC-line.

So all in all I absolutely love the figure itself but I can only hate MegaHouse for screwing Zoro-fans over. And it’s these contradictory feelings that made receiving this figure such a bittersweet experience.

I do hope, against all odds, that we will get variations of the same character and that some day we’ll get the suit-Zoro we deserve. It’s not even a far-fetched concept. We’ve already seen Zoro wearing a suit in official art, he’s worn one in the movies. It wouldn’t be out of character at all. Maybe, some day, we’ll get a suit-Zoro, even if it’s not the SOC-line that will make it happen.

Oh, the roller-coaster of emotions I have to go through every time I think about this figure.

If you don’t care about lines or specific outifts, if you just happen to want to own a neat Zoro figure, I do highly recommend getting him. There’s only one teen-tiny imperfection in his sculpt, which is the odd seemline where his upper arm connects to the muscle of his shoulder but the rest is so astoundingly well-made, I wouldn’t even bother considering this a deal-breaker.

I’m seriously exhausted right now. I apologize for rambling on and swearing and shouting, I did warn you in the beginning, though, so if you managed to read through the whole thing, kudos to you. I just really, really, once again, want to make sure that ya’ll understand that I adore this figure. And with that I’ll leave you with just on more picture. Over and out.

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