WonFes 2017 Summer

My usual tactic for going into a new WonFes is having no expectations at all and I’ve fared pretty well with that.

Now this Summer WonFes I was in for a big surprise!

Seems like this time it’s been FateFes indeed and instead of getting the usual 100 new Sabers (although those were obviously present as well) we’ve also got guys announced! I also do feel like they are trying to make Jeanne the new Saber without slowing down the actual Saber production, but, oh well! Let’s get the negativity out of the way, because this WonFes was good to me, and in order to do so we first have to talk about FunnyKnights…

FunnyKnights was the first company to announce a Gilgamesh scale and the whole community was in awe. I doubt they are any longer, because they’ve shown the colored prototype and I daresay he’s rather Funny-looking – and not in a good way. This one is an instant delete off of my wishlist. Not only does his torso look like 80% body-paint fake-muscle, the face turned out a pretty bad joke.

I don’t know what that is supposed to be…

I’d be quite mad at FunnyKnights but as I already mentioned, this WonFes was good to me. I can therefore skip this one at ease because we’ve got 3 new Gil-Scales to look forward to. Yes, THREE!!!

(mfc link)

First one is this Fate/Grand Order Archer-Class Gilgamesh in 1/8 Scale by Myethos.

Up-till-now he’s the most promising out of all three, simply because the prototype is already there. I have absolutely no experience with Myethos figures. I don’t even know if Japanese shops like AmiAmi sell them as they are a Chinese figure company. I’d appreciate it if someone could enlighten me how to go about getting a Myethos figure.

(mfc link)

Second Gilgamesh is the oddest figure announcement I’ve seen in a while.

Freeing took it upon themselves to what seems to be a classic Gilgamesh in full-armour!

And in 1/4 scale nevertheless!

I am SO curious of how that one will turn out. A 1/4 scale full-armour Gil is like a dream come true. I’ve also got no experience with Freeing figures and it will – along with Vocaloid’s Kaito – be the first ever male 1/4 scale male figure of them. The pictures of their smaller scale male figures looked like a decent enough job so I’m excited to see what they will come up with for this release.

(mfc link)

And last but not least it seems like OrangeRouge finally realized that they can do more than just TouRabu and announced F/GO’s Caster Gilgamesh in 1/7.

I don’t know if I’m a fan of this outfit and if there’s another Gil I would want to skip it’s probably this one but I’m willing to be positively surprised about the actual figure, so this one will also remain on my wishlist for the time being.

(mfc link)

THIS is defnitely the OrangeRouge announcement that I was most happy about!

FINALLY we’ll be getting a Cú Chulainn scale. I feel like this character deserved a scale even more than Gilgamesh. I might skip Caster Gil but I’ll definitely pre-order Cú. OrangeRouge would have to fuck this up big time for me to reconsider buying into this <3

(mfc link)

And because one Cú Chulainn isn’t enough, Freeing is jumping in again with another, this time in 1/8 scale. I might skip this one again. I’m just really not a big fan of alternate class-designs and would rather stick to the classics, but then again, if they pull it off right, I’ll consider getting him the same way as Caster Gil. Staying on my wishlist period

And this comprises FateFes for me. There were a few more male Fate figures like the prototype of FunnyKnight’s Archer (which looks just as bad as Gil) and characters I don’t even know. To be honest, I’m reluctant to indulge in any more universes than Zero and Stay-Night. Grand Order is okay because some of the “old” characters look the same but the craziness of some of the newer titles – especially in their designs and boob-centered-ness – is putting me off. I’m a Fate-Anime-Only pleb to begin with so I’m currently fine with knowing just a little bit.

(mfc link)

MegaHouse are cunts. So this will probably be limited and exclusive and expensive as hell but I’ve been waiting for a timeskip Jinbei FOREVER and was refraining from getting the regular POP for so long, there is absolutely NO WAY I will be skipping this! Also, he’s looking badass af!!!

(mfc link)

Coming to an end here is a nice little surprise probably no one was expecting.

MaxFactory is actually releasing a 1/6 Kenshin scale!

This at least deserves an honorable mention, though I doubt I can put up with MF’s pricing of a 1/6 scale. It will still remain on the wishlist because I simply want to know how this one will turn out.

This is more like something I would have expected from Kotobukiya, which, sadly enough, was a serious letdown this time around. I was so used to them throwing surprise licence after surprise licence on the market (Medicine Seller, Natsume, Sanzo, FMA stuff, Spike, etc.) I was quite looking forward to their display. But there was simply nothing there. It threw me off. I do hope that this wasn’t a great run finally coming to a halt. I’ll just be patient and wait until they drop the next bomb :3

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