Welcome to the Figure Duchess (that’s me :D)

This blog will be about “Figure Reviews and Otaku Stuff” so I’ll write about Manga, Anime and Figures!

You can check out my figure collection over at MFC

I’ll try and take photos and write reviews of every figure I own. I won’t really have a system in which order I’ll do this, so if you can’t wait to see a certain figure in my collection in greater detail, please let me know and I’ll switch things up!

I’m pretty sure there will also be quite a bit of rant about a lot of stuff…

Actually, I thought about introducing my blog mascot as well, but that proves to be a bit difficult. To be honest, I completely forgot how I came up with the idea of “The Figure Duchess”. I had been planning this blog for quite a while, but never really got around to setting things up. The only thing I had already planned out was the mascot/alter ego.

I think it was around the time I’ve been watching a lot of game and movie reviews and all these people had an alter ego, so I thought it would be cool to have one myself. And that’s pretty much what the Figure Duchess is. I chose a medieval dress because I live in Germany and my hometown has a lot of medieval architecture and thus I grew up with this kind of stuff, occasionally visiting medieval events and such. The laurel wreath she’s wearing is just a little hint of my real name. To give it a bit of a personal touch, let’s say.

I started reading Manga when I was 13. With Anime I basically grew up (without even realizing that these funny cartoon kids shows I used to watch were Anime).
I got into the hobby the “usual” way. I watched dubbed Anime, read Manga, started drawing, then the internetz came along and introduced me to the wonderful world of scanlations and fansubs. I got to know some people with the same interests, went to conventions and so on. Then I finally started to get into the figure collecting hobby. One thing lead to another, so here I am, writing a blog about my favourite things :)


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